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 About US

Our Mission: To create better leaders from the inside out.

What We Do: We integrate self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness to empower leaders to impact their teams and organization through personal and professional growth. We help leaders influence change by first doing the work within.


Identify Your Strengths


Grow Teams

Grow Your Emotional Intelligence


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Empower Others

The Leaders We Work With:

-Become more self-aware of the gaps in their leadership, communication, or management skills. They use the tools & assessments to grow personally and professionally, excel in their current role. create more creative and revenue producing teams, or get promoted to the next level of leadership.

The Teams We Work With:

-Learn to appreciate the different personalities & communication styles in the workplace so they spend less time dealing with disagreements, and more time creating great ideas, solving their client's problems, and growing revenue.

Our Values

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empower others to be seen and heard
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look within
celebrate strengths
be courageous

One-On-One Coaching

The Crockett Group Coaching


Leadership Workshops

Leadership Workshops



Kristen is one of the most talented learning and development executives and an extraordinary leader as well. She has a magic touch at developing and inspiring others beyond what they could have envisioned.

— Jackie Kindall, CEO of Kindall Evolve, Leadership and Organizational Development
Kristen is passionate, engaging and compassionate. In this day and age, it is rare to find someone who combines both talent and desire to help others in their career. Kristen has a genuine talent for training and professional development and is able to assess a person’s strengths and weaknesses and specifically address them.
— Jeff Havis, Director of Sales
Kristen has a gift and passion for unlocking natural talent and confidence within you while challenging you as a leader and thinker. She has coached me through multiple professional transitions, including into management as a millennial. As leaders, sometimes we forget to seek the assistance we need to continue to raise the bar, and that is what Kristen is best at!
— Brittany Q., General Sales Manager
It would be an understatement to say that Kristen is multifaceted in her knowledge and ability to give people confidence. She is the tool for success that everyone needs in their life.

Kristen is very passionate and dedicated to the development of others. With her grasp and awareness of emotional intelligence, she teaches people how to understand relationships and how to build and leverage them. She assists others in learning how to manage their emotions, how to use them, and how to gain better self-awareness.
— R. Williams, HR Manager
Kristen led company-wide trainings that I believe were invaluable to our organization and my team. She has an engaging way of teaching high-level career coaching concepts that helped shift the company culture for the better and successfully challenged each of us - and then gave us the tools - to work collaboratively in a more effective manner.
— Nakisha Williams, Content Strategist


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