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    Grow Your Leadership Skills

    Navigate Your Career Options

    Ask For What You What

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    Improve Your Relationships

    Attract the Love You Deserve

    Work On Loving YOU




    Say Yes to You

     Develop Work/Life Balance

    Find Your Passion

    Coaching & Empowering Individuals

    I empower individuals, executives, and leaders to explore who they are and provide them with the skills and confidence to get where they what to be.  I also help people enhance their interpersonal relationships, in their personal and professional lives.

    • Executive Coaching
    • Life Coaching
    • Career Coaching
    • Key Note Speaker
    • Workshops/Sessions/Retreats

    Growing Teams

    I help leaders enhance their teams, leverage their strengths, and grow into excellence. Through individual and group activities, developing mentor programs, creating team activities, or personal coaching, I help teams identify what they want and help them through every step of the process to accomplish their goals. Topics: Leadership Development, Team Development, Professional Development, Mentor Programs.

    • Key Note Speaker
    • Workshops/Sessions/Retreats
    • Team Building


    I work with organizations to create Keynotes, Workshops, and Breakout Sessions that leverage the organization's passion, vision, and goals, and leave the audience inspired and empowered.


    Work-Life Balance Session with nurses and employees at the American Nurses Association (ANA), as a part of their Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation initiative.

    Speed Networking Sessions

    The questions were thought-provoking and the small group discussions were great. There were intimate conversations so it felt like a true connection.
    — Speed Networking Participant
    It was fun, informative, and I personally learned new things and got to know new people.
    — Speed Networking Participant
    “As the session continued, I found my ability to tell my story or to get my point across got tighter, crisper, and I was just more efficient.”
    — Speed Networking Participant

    Moderating a panel Entitled, "Cashing in On Culture."

    Relationship Workshops