Individual and Group Coaching

Who do we work with?

Emerging Leaders, Experienced Leaders & Executives who are:

  • Ready to improve their emotional intelligence

  • Ready to look at what is working and what is not

  • Ready to increase their self-awareness

  • Ready and motivated to grow their leadership and communication skills

  • Ready to bring positivity to their coaching experience

The Leaders We Work With:

  • Become more self-aware of the gaps in their leadership, communication, or management skills.

  • They use tools & assessments to grow personally and professionally.

  • They learn how to spend less time in drama and more time excelling in their career.

  • They are prepared for the challenging in their current role and for their next role.

  • The lead teams that are more collaborative, client-focused, creative and revenue producing.

  • They learn how to excel in their current role or get promoted to the next level of leadership.

Are you ready for a Coach?

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Why Coaching?

When you look in the mirror, you see everything (or so you think). But there are also angles and perspectives that everyone else can see, except you.

It’s like the ball point pen that the person next to you keeps clicking. Everyone in the room hears it, but they have no idea they are clicking the pen.

Coaching helps you become more self-aware of your strengths and helps you make small tweaks to have an incredible impact in your professional and personal life.

Coaching empowers you to:

  • Get clarity on what you want

  • Create action steps for accomplishing your goals

  • Explore the behaviors, experiences and mindset that may be slowing you down from having the life or career you want

A coach partners with you to combine what you do well, with small steps you can take to create the life or career you want.

There are a few reasons why people hire coaches:

1) To create a plan for moving forward

2) To identify what is keeping you stuck or running in place

3) To identify your strengths as you focus on your career or transition to a new role

4) To assist you with identifying solutions to where you want to go

5) To help you see what you can’t see