Who am I?

My Life Story

After law school, I met lawyer after lawyer who shared one thing in common: they were all unhappy in their careers. 

Television and movies makes us all think that lawyers are successful, cutting-edge, fabulously wealthy people who woke up happy. From Claire from The Cosby Show, to Joan from Girlfriends, we never saw attorneys wrestling with work-life balance, illness, or wanting to find their purpose in life.

My own job started to affect my health, my relationships, my optimism, and everything around me.  I lived for Fridays and I felt trapped.

After weeks of continuous travel, I found myself on a plane. In the middle of the worst turbulence I'd ever been through, I asked myself, "If this plane goes down, will I be happy with my life?"

I quit my job two weeks later. It took me a little bit of trial and error to final figure out what filled me up. But when I stepped in front of a room of fifty people, I felt at home. I eventually went into the field of developing leaders, jump-starting passion, and helping women tap into their super powers.

And that is where the idea for Sisterlift began.

I meet incredible women every single day.