Kristen Crockett

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For a long time, I did what was safe and comfortable. Everything changed the day my plane suddenly dropped 20 feet in the sky and I was afraid I wouldn't make it home, I asked myself, "If this plane goes down, can I honestly say that I am happy with my life?"

The answer was 'hell no'.

I wasn't pursuing my dreams or doing what I loved. I was an unhappy attorney who switched careers and ended up traveling 4 days out of the week, with zero time for myself.

Instead of having a career that filled me up, I felt drained. Instead of surrounding myself with a significant other and friends who lifted me up, I was in a relationship where I no longer knew who I was.

All of that changed when I walked into a room of 75 people and felt right at home at the front of the room. That's when I realized that I had been hiding my talents: connecting people, helping individuals understand their strengths and making people feel seen, heard, and understood.

As a corporate trainer and certified life coach, I learned how to claim my voice. I said no to everyone and everything that made me feel powerless.  I tapped into my super powers, and stopped hiding behind fear and perfection. I helped hundreds of women leaders do the same.

And now I'm ready to help you.


That's why I created Sisterlift.

Sisterlift is an inspirational community of like-minded professional women who are making a shift in their life and can support you on your journey.

Sisterlift is a community where you can be inspired to recharge, tap into your own super powers, and create organic friendships.

Sisterlift embraces your dreams and goals and surrounds you with women who are not looking to compete with who you are and what you want for yourself. Instead, they are here to lift you up, inspire you to dream bigger and reveal your best self.